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  MINUTEX dei F.lli Paroli s.r.l.
Via 1° Maggio, 6
23811 Ballabio (Lc) - ITALY
Tel. +39 0341.531077
Fax +39 0341.530171
P.IVA 01214980136
Reg.Imp. LC 5534
Cap.Soc. € 26.000,00 i.v.
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MINUTEX, since 1998 is a company with a quality managements system certificate, now complies with the European standard ISO 9001, and for the activities of Design and production of metal findings and three dimensional nailing plates.


Since 2013, the company has also been certificate with regard to welding activities according to ISO 3834 and then the CERTIFICATE OF STEEL PROCESSING CENTER issued by the Central Technical Service of the ITALIAN Superior Council of Public Works. This documentation gives the possibility to those who create structures which are used particular according to a specific design, to certify through its Plant Manager also link the metal components made from Minutex.


Comply with the new laws came into force, all products made from standard construction Minutex, are in possession of the certificate ETA-EC with international validity.


The full and complete assortment of plates and brackets for structural connections in timber, has been developed over the years, according to the requests and suggestions of hundreds of satisfied customers. The geometries of various shapes provide specific usage requirements and characterize appropriate technical solutions. The thickness of the plates used, all steel Class A1, classified for fire resistance in accordance with EN 1350-1 (EC and Decision 96/603/EC), are guaranteed by the constant quality control in production.
Products are characterized by high performance in terms of durability thanks to the galvanizing tropical resistance to corrosion, a peculiarity which ensure suitability for use also in difficult conditions. For the purposes of reliability and qualification of products, there is currently no harmonized regulations for these innovative products, all the details for structural applications have been submitted to the tests laid down by the guideline ETAG No. 015 at an accredited testing laboratory. Through the analysis of these tests has been obtained the ETA, a kind of passport that attests to the fulfilment of the essential requirements, which is a favourable technical assessment of the product for the intended use. On the basis of this documentation is then released the mark, after the inspection at the factory by a Notified Body, as provided for products that require certification system 2+.  The marking, in addition to ensuring the free movement in the European market, is the conclusion of a harmonized procedure, through which, it is estimated, ensures and guarantees the performance of a construction product.
All documents relating certifications, qualifications and the Declaration of performance (DoP) of the products are available to Customers, Technicians and Designers in RESERVED AREA.


The constant updating of standards of production has enabled Minutex to get the first manufacturer in Europe, an ETA according to ETAG 015 in accordance with the new Regulation (EU) No. 305-2011 (CPR).


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